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As industry specialists, we know our Squidgem’s from our Shakem’s. We innovate, create
and explore every avenue of curiosity; never leaving any dinosaur or unicorn behind. So, if
you’re looking for a bunch of know-it-alls, whose knowledge you can trust, keep reading!
Our extensive range of brands means you’ll always be inspired. Treasure islands, ponies, or
pens; we’ll bring it to life, competitively responding to trends in real-time. From the humble
home of Manchester to the far corners of Southeast Asia; our global teams work seamlessly
together to offer bespoke services for your needs. Don’t follow the herd, shepherd your
own exclusivity!

We are mindful of our impact on the planet, so our products are developed with
sustainability at the forefront of production. Our goal is to reduce the amount of pesky
single use plastic in our packaging, and our tough-on-testing process means that we deliver
the highest quality of goods with consumer safety in mind.

Haico is a family of visionaries and entrepreneurs – big on fun and even better on ideas. We
chase the dreams of your imagination, taking creative projects from concept to completion.
Founded in 2019 behind the brains of Hayley, Katie and Ravelle, with retail industry
experience spanning 30 years; the adventure to take over the market is just the beginning.

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